Offer great Investment opportunities in:

Andalucia, Costa del Sol, South of Spain. South of Europe

Málaga   |   Jerez   |   Cádiz   |   Sevilla   |   Granada

In the heart off southern Europe, where most Europeans, and in the meantime many other nationalities, wish to spend the winter time due to the excellent weather conditions and mild temperatures.

Mainly we would focus towards:


  • Older abandoned properties that we restore for you and reconvert into spectacular new properties with North European standards.
  • Villas on a plot, new or refurbish an existing older home: creating Energy Efficient homes.


  • Mainly close or in cities with history and great character like Málaga, Jerez, Cádiz, Sevilla Granada just to mention some.
  • Costa del Sol, villa areas with good reputation

Qualities and Finish away from the classical local standards. There is a huge need for quality properties for North Europeans citizens, either to live permanently or for long – short term rental.

For all cases we have the “All Inclusive”approach:

Purchase Properties  |  Refurbish / Build  |  Furnish  |  Sales / Rentals

Our wide experience in selling properties to North Europeans, offers us now the possibility to combine all this into “One Package”.

An “All inclusive” approach that offers guarantee to the investor, as a good purchase and refurbishment, guarantees the success to promote/market the property afterwards.

Property search:

  • We can find the right properties for you.
  • Search what is needed (Different from Real Estate Agents that just offer what on their books)

Technical & legal

  • Supervision and creation of needed documentation
  • All properties would be analysed by our “in House” Technical & Legal team


Furnish / Interior Design/ Home-staging:

  • Full packages that help to market the property

Selling properties

  • Our wide selling experience and our wide contacts would be offered
  • Aftersales offered

This means that we can give a total overview of a project where most benefits can be made from an older unliveable property into a modern up-to-dated home, focused towards North European standards and energy efficiency

Contact us for a personalized project:

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